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These are questions from our guests.
Besides answers below, please feel free to ask to each hotel.
Customer Support

Questions for Staying

How long before do I make a reservation?
We do not have exact dates. Please ask each hotel for details. You might find better plans by early booking.
Can I stay continuously at the same room?
It is possible. We would like you to inform us when you make a reservation. Please note that it would not be possible in some cases because of occupation.
Can I Check In after midnight?
It is possible. Please inform us your Check In time before your staying.
Can I early Check In?
You can early Check In if the room is available but with additional charge. Please contact each hotel for details.
Can I extend Check Out time?
In case of SHIBUYA GRANBELL HOTEL and AKASAKA, by 11:00a.m., should be by 12:00 p.m. at SHINJUKU GRANBELL HOTEL. If you would like, please contact the front desk in advance. Please note that we have to charge you for another night in case you stay over 18:00.(13:00 at SHINJUKU GRANBELL HOTEL)
※Check Out time depends on the plans.
※Please note that we might decline the expansion because of occupation.
Do you have curfew?
We do not have curfew. Front Staff is at the desk for 24 hours.
Can I wait for cancel?
We do not have waiting lists. Please contact us on the phone or internet.
Can I cancel a reservation?
You should be charged 20% of the hotel charge on the day before, 80% on the day, and 100% without any announce based on our hotel rules.
Do you have a breakfast?
Breakfast is prepared. As it depends on the plans, please ask each hotel for details.

Questions for Payment

Do you include the consumption tax or service charge in the price?
Yes. The consumption tax and service charge are included in the price.
How can I pay the hotel charge?
The payment should be done when you Check In. In case the person who is not the guest pays the charge, it will be necessary for him or her to finish the payment before Check In. Please contact each hotel in advance.
What kind of Credit Card can I use?
Please ask each hotel for other credit cards.
Do I have to pay the hotel charge for little child?
For little child lying by the side of parents, the hotel charge is free. For child aged 6 years old or over, he or she should be charged.

Questions for Others

Is there the Money Exchange?
We located 24-hour Money Exchange on the first floor in front of live cafe G.
Is the hotel barrier free? Can I move with wheelchair?
This hotel is not barrier free. However, there is no step from your room to the lobby or restaurants. For the guests who use wheelchair, please feel freely to contact us in advance.
Can I leave our bags before Check In?
We will keep your bags at the front desk. Please inform us when you arrive at the hotel or leave there. We will be also pleased to arrange the delivery service (Not free)
Can I send boxes to your hotel or can you send boxes to other location in Japan?
Yes, we can receive the boxes and handle to ship out.
But we are sorry, we cannot ship by collect, neither keep chilled, frozen, nor dangerous goods. So please make sure paid by shipper and don’t send those items. We can receive the boxes from Japan and overseas which is paid by shipper.
On the delivery note when you ship out, please write down your reservation name who will stay, the date when you will stay, your confirmation number and “reception”.
Moreover,Please contact us in advance if you've sent youur baggage.
Can I send boxes to overseas?
We are sorry but we cannot handle to ship overseas.
You can send by post office which is close to our hotel. It will be closed on weekends, please ask the reception.
Do you prepare any surprise for staying on Anniversaries or Birthdays?
We promise to do as much as we can. Please contact each hotel for the details.
Do you have a restaurant with private rooms?
In GRANBELL HOTEL SHINJUKU, "roof top bar & terrace G" at the thirteenth floor has a room).

In GRANBELL HOTEL SHIBUYA, We have a restaurant with half private rooms named "Saku La Dining" on the second floor.
Can I use a baby bed?
Baby bed is prepared for free. Please ask us freely when you make a reservation.
Please note that you might not use it when all the beds are occupied.
Do you have a parking?
At GRANBELL HOTEL SHINJUKU, 48 parking lots. Reservation needed in advance. For one room night ( 3:00p.m. check-in to next day 12:00p.m. check-out ), parking fee will be 2,000yen.

At GRANBELL HOTEL SHIBUYA and AKASAKA, We do not have a parking. Please park your car in the neighbor parking.(Not free)
Do you have any English program in the room?
CNN is available.