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We located 24-hour Money Exchange on the first floor
in front of live cafe G.
We located 24-hour Money Exchange on the first floor<br>in front of live cafe G.
In front of live cafe G on the first floor

【Available Time】
24 hours

【Transaction Currency】
The Great achievement of SHINJUKU GRANBELL HOTEL
The Great achievement of SHINJUKU GRANBELL HOTEL
SHINJUKU GRANBELL HOTEL was awarded the Gold Circle Award 2016 organized by

This award is to honour hotels with outstanding performance in website gathering the most number of positive customer reviews and competitive pricing.
[Notice/Attention] Shinjuku Granbell Hotel add new rooms 2F-16F.
Shinjuku Granbell Hotel add new rooms 2F-16F
Thank you for staying with us, Shinjuku Granbell Hotel.
In2016, 20th of December we add 105 Moderate single rooms.

Our hotel aims to provide a wonderful experience,
and we hope to exceed your expectations.

Shinjuku Granbell Hotel Manager.
We offer "Osechi" for breakfast on January 1, 2017 (Sun) only!
Shinjuku Grand Bell offer you a special breakfast "Osechi" on 1/1/2017(SUN).
It gives you a very unique experience on a new year's day in Japanese style.
We wish you to enjoy staying with us and happy new year!

<Osechi Menu>
・Datemaki(Sweet roll omelet)
・Kouhaku Kamaboko(Red and white Japanese fishcakes)
・Kouhaku Namasu(Red and White vinegared fish and vegetables)
・Kuri Kinton(Mashed chestnuts)
・Tazukuri(Dried sardines)
・Kazunoko(Herring roe)
・Ikura(Salmon roe)
・Ebi (Shrimp)
・Kuromame(Black beans) & Daikoku Hanamame(Flower beans)
・Konbu Maki(Dried herring wrapped in seaweed)
・Umefu(Plum, Bran)
・Nisatoimo(Boiled taro)
・Hitoguchi Kouya Tofu (Bite sized tofu)
・Floral Konnyaku
・Chorogi Red(Artichoke)

There are many New Year traditions in Japan.
The most significant of which is eating "Osechi ryori", special food eaten to give thanks and wish for happiness and prosperity in the New Year.
"Osechi ryori" is characterized by an array of colourful dishes packed together in a special box.
Each individual dish serves as a symbol or wish for the coming year.
【Re-open after renovation】13roof top bar & terrace G
【Re-open after renovation on 2nd/JUL (Sat)】13roof top bar & terrace G
We are re-openning our roof top bar & terrace on 2nd of JUL (Sat)
and We apologize for the inconvenience during the renovation.
The concept of our roof top bar is " Having drinks with the view of Shinjuku"
also with the relaxing space in fresh greenery.
We are waiting for you with our roof top beer garden service and some fresh aperitif.
We would very much like you to come to our renewed roof top bar & terrace G!

Click here for details.
Award: 2015 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence
SHINJUKU GRANBELL HOTEL is pleased to announce that we have received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence award.
The award celebrates excellence in hospitality and is given only to establishments that consistently achieve great traveler reviews on TripAdvisor. We’d like to thank all of our past guests who took the time to complete a review on TripAdvisor.
Happy Hour(Limited Time Frame 17:00 to 19:00)
live cafe G
roof top bar
Happy Hour is open every day.
Enjoy One Coin(500YEN)Drink at 1F Cafe, 13F Bar.

<1F live cafe G ALL500YEN Menu>
・Draft Beer(Kohaku no toki, Bass Pale Ale, LOWENBRAU)
・Glass wine

<13F roof top bar & terrace G ALL500YEN Menu>
・Draft Beer(The Premium Malt's / M)
・JIM BEAM(Highball, Cola mix, Ginger mix)
Free of charge Wi-Fi is available!
Free of charge Wi-Fi is available!
At the Shinjuku Granbell Hotel scheduled to be opened in December,
FREE Wi-Fi is prepared for you at the lobby, your rooms, everywhere in the hotel.
Please enjoy the internet with smartphones, tablets,
or any other device you have.
We have opened official site of Shinjuku Granbell Hotel.
We have opened official site of Shinjuku  Granbell Hotel.
We have opened official site of Shinjuku Granbell Hotel.
"The fusion" of hotel space and art, unprecedented, newly-born, "Granbell Hotel"
you've never seen before.
Best Price Guarantee
Best Price Guarantee
GRANBELL HOTEL offers its Best Price Guarantee when you book on official website.
More details about Best Price Guarantee
Official site has renewal opened !
Official site has renewal opened !
GRANBELL HOTEL has renewal opened official website.
We unified SHIBUYA and AKASAKA GRANBELL HOTEL's websites to make more viewable and clarified website for visiters.