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live cafe G


Drink Menu

Soft drink

・Herb tea
・Orange juice
・Grapefruit juice
・Ginger ale
・Japanese citron soda with flesh
・Citron tea new
・Marron latte new


・Kohaku no toki (Japanese Premium beer)

Small bottle

・Erdinger White Beer
・Erdinger Dark Beer

Craft beer

・Miyama Blonde
・Shiga Kogen Pale Ale
・Shiga Kogen IPA

Food Menu

LUNCH TIME 10:00-15:00

・Green Salad
・Caesar Salad with Prosciutto
・Hakuou Poak Ragout
・Penne all'Arrabbiata
・Tomato Sauce with Mashroom and Bacon
・Pork Cutlet Curry
・Today's Pizza
・Croque Monsieur

NIGHT TIME 17:00-19:30

・French Fries
・Mix Nuts

Japanese craft beer with the concept : “ we love to drink ”
With using carefully-selected molt and pop, yeast without
any heat-treatment. Top fermentation fresh and well-handmade beer.

Happy Hour is open every day. Enjoy One Coin(500YEN)Drink at 1F Cafe.

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