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Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Friend Stage Co., Ltd. and Shibuya Granbell Hotel (the “Company”) shall comply laws and regulations relating to protection of personal information. The Company intends to protect personal information of our customers by appropriately collecting, using and managing of the information handled in all the business.

  1. 1.Collection of Personal Information
    The Company shall collect our customers’ personal information in an lawful and just manner.
  2. 2.Disclosure of Purpose of Use
    The Company shall disclose purpose of use to our customers in collecting their personal information. Also, in case personal information is arranged to be supplied to third parties, the Company shall first disclose purpose and scope, then supply to the appropriate extent.
  3. 3.Restriction of Use beyond its Initial Purpose
    The Company shall use personal information within only the scope disclosed in advance Also, the Company shall not use beyond its initial purpose without a consensus of our customers.
  4. 4.Protection and Management
    The Company adopts sound and appropriate security measures to prevent illegal access from the outside, loss, defaming, damage, tempering with or leaking of holding personal information.
    In addition, the Company shall endeavor to appropriately manage personal information, and also establish and promote awareness on Company security rules.
  5. 5.Request for Disclosure, Amendment and Deletion
    Our complaint and request desk accepts requests from our customers to view, correct, delete and other such action over their own personal information. The requests will be promptly handled to the sound extent only when the Company can confirm that the customer certainly requested the action.

Announcement Pursuant to Section 1 of Article 24 of the Personal Information Protection Act

  1. 1.Name of Personal Information Handler
    Friend Stage Co., Ltd.
    Shibuya Granbell Hotel
    Akasaka Granbell Hotel
    Akasaka Red Theater
  2. 2.Purpose of Use of Holding Personal Information
    The Company shall use personal information of our customers for the purposes of accommodations, food service, performance of the theater, general sales (e.g. sending materials, connection, arrangement, and charging) and research on customer’s satisfaction. Also, the Company shall use for the following purposes related the above business operations.

    *Invitation and connection by mail, DM, phone and other tools
    *Business operations such as visit
    *Research for customers' trend
    *Research for development of merchandise and service
  3. 3.Sharing Personal Information
    The Company shall share some of personal information as below.
    1. (1)Objects of Sharing Personal Information
      Name, address and sex of customers and necessary information for service supply on accommodations, food service, and general sales.
    2. (2)Scope of Sharing Personal Information
      Friend Stage Co., Ltd. and its Hotel Business department (the "Company")
    3. (3)Purpose of Use
      The Company shall use personal information of our customers staying our hotels for the purposes of accommodations and food service (e.g. connection, arrangement, and setting charge) and research on customer’s satisfaction.
    4. (4)Name of the Company Responsible for Management of Personal Information
      Friend Stage Co., Ltd.
  4. 4.Request for Disclosure of Personal Information
    The Company receives the requests for notification of purposes, disclosure, amendment, addition, suspension of use, and deletion from the customer or a substitute. In such case, the Company confirms the identity of the person, and then response within an appropriate time and scope.
    For requests, please contact the following complaint and request desk.
  5. 5.Disclose or Provide to a Third Party
    For the purposes of enhancing customer's experience, the Hotel will respond to the inquiries or requests about disclosure of personal information from any third parties in the following cases.

    (1)The Hotel is contacted by a third party by telephone or in person, who specifies the name of the customers and inquires about whether the customers are staying at the Hotel or whether the customers are in the room or not, and/or the period of stay of the customers.

    (2)The Hotel is requested by a third party who specifies the name of the customers to pass a message or to communicate special offers and featured items or packages to the guests.
  6. 6.Complaint and Request Desk
    In case where any complaint is made to the Company in relation to the handling of holding personal information, please contact the following complaint and request desk (opening hour: from 10 am to 6 pm).
2-14-5 Kabuki-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 160-0021, JAPAN
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15-17 Sakuragaoka-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0031, JAPAN
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General manager Hiroshi Yasuno
3-10-9 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0052, JAPAN
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General manager Hiroshi Yasuno