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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observatories

These are the best tourist spots in Tokyo, with a great view of the entire city from 202 meters up. Everyone can go up for free. You might enjoy a view of Mt.Fuji from there if the weather is very clear.

20 minutes on foot

Shinjuku Kabukicho

It is the largest downtown in Japan. You must enjoy at Sinjuku Kabukicho. There are many people and the lights in this area will never turn off. The Kabukicho gate is good place to take a photo. Golden gai is also near here.

0 minutes on foot

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Urban oasis. 10mins walking from South entrance of Shinjuku Station. The place is famous for cherry blossoms and Autumn colours *Bringing alcoholic drink and using play equipments are prohibited.

17 minutes on foot

Shin-Okubo Koreatown

There are a lot of Korean restaurants, shops and supermarkets from Ookubo street to Shokuann street. Here is famous area as Korean Town in Japan.

5 minutes on foot

Hanazono Shrine

Hanazono Shrine has kept seeing the development of Sinjyuku. Tori market which takes place in November sells a rake of thriving business.

4 minutes on foot

Tokyo Tower

It is a famous sightseeing spot. There are two observatories which are the 150m and the 250m with a perfect bird's-eyes view of the whole of Tokyo. It depends on weather, you might see Mt. Fuji. Its illumination is very beautiful.

15 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Akabanebashi station

Tokyo Skytree

It is the highest tower in Japan and became a new symbol of the town. You can enjoy the nice view from 450 meters up at the observatory. There are aquarium and planetarium near this tower. You can walk to Asakusa.

30 minutes by train *Nearest station:Oshiage station

Tokyo Disney Resort

All People must enjoy at Tokyo Disney Resort which is like dream world. There is a highway bus from Basuta Sinjuku to Tokyo Disney Resort. Disney Sea which is baced on ocean is the only one in the world.

45 minutes by train/50 minutes by express bus *Nearest station:Maihama station

Roppongi Hills

A billding with 54 stories and 238m in height. There is a hotel, movie theater and commercial facility in it. There are many night clubs around this area.

10 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Roppongi station

Meiji Jingu Shrine

It is a Shinto Shrine that has the largest number of visitors on the New Year's Day. Vast extent of land with 700,000 m2. It is surrounded by donated 10,000 tree. Feel the breathing of beautiful nature. Here is near Harajuku.

5 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Harajyuku station

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

Their catch phrase is 'Why don't we get lost with me.' You can get into the Ghibli world. You need to book the museum tickets in advance.

20 minutes by train/5 minutes by bus
*Nearest station:Mitaka station


There are many famous cafés, high brand stores and hair salons. This street is known as Japanese The Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Here is near Harajuku and Shibuya.

4 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Harajyuku station


Kagurazaka is famous spot where there is a history from Edo era. You can feel an atmosphere like Edo.

8 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Idabashi station


You can enjoy entertainment,eating something food and shopping at Odaiba. There are many interesting place which is Rainbow Bridge , Fuji Television Network,VenusFort and Diver City. Odaiba is knowns as a romantic date spot in Japanese. Ooedo Onsen from Odaba is 10 mins by using train and walking.

25 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Tokyo Teleport station

Tokyo Station

This station is the entrance of Tokyo. There are many kinds of shops like souvenir, cakes and restaurants. It is linked to KITTE which is commercial building directly. This station has many Shinkansens (bullet trains). Imperial Palace is near here.

15 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Tokyo station

ISETAN Shinjuku store

The motto of the department is `Fashion's ISETAN. Every day is New.' Everyone can enjoy not only shopping but also food on the basement floor.

10 minutes on foot


Takashimaya timessquare is within 1 minute on foot from Sinjuku station in Sinsouth exit. There are many speciality shops like Tokyuhands, Kinokuniya bookstore and so on.

16 minutes on foot

National Stadium

The National Stadium was built by Tokyo Olympic in 1964. It is still left over the Olympic mark and emblem at here. This studium is the one of the Olympic venue on 2020, therefore here is under construction now.

5 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Sendagaya station

Meiji Jingu Stadium

This baseball stadium is located on Meiji Jingu Gaien. A lot of games and events are held over 500 a year. There is a very famous display of fireworks at summer. It is home of Yakult-Swallows, which is Japanese Baseball team.

5 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Shinanomachi station

Nippon Budokan

The venue is widly used every mertial arts, sports, social, education, culture and so on. It is hold many concerts in the beggining of the year and the end of the year. All Japanese musicians want to perform here. The Beatles and Queen and more famous musician had concert here.

7 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Kudanshita station

Tokyo Dome

This dome is Airdome which is oldest in Japan. The events, concerts and various sports will be held at Tokyo Dome during the year. There are amusement park and Spa which is called LAQUA around this Dome. It is home of Giants, which is Japanese Baseball team.

14 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Suidobashi station

New National Theatre

The New National theaterwas built on October in 1997. This theatre is for Opera, ballet and modern dancing by there.

1 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Hatsudai station

Yoyogi National Stadium

Yoyogi National Stadium has been used as stadium and concert. This studium is the one of the Olympic venue on 2020. Here is near Harajuku, Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park.

4 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Harajyuku station

Ajinomoto Stadium

It has the biggest natural grass ground and the latest facilities. Not only sports but also events and concerts are held at the place.

25 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Tobitakyu station

Ryogoku Kokugikan

Ryogoku Kokugikan is a regular sumo tournament which will be held at three times a year. There are sumo museum on the 1st floor. You can have Chanko nabe which is very famous as a sumou fighters food.

25 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Ryogoku station

Shinjuku Suehiro-tei

It is a Vaudeville Theater. You can still enjoy Japanese laugh cultures which are Rakugo (comic story), Manzai ( comic dialogue), Magic, Koudan (story-telling), Kyokugei ( acrobatics), and Ongyoku (traditional Japanese music) in Shinjuku.

9 minutes on foot


There is a theater of Yosimoto which is in LUMINE 2 near Sinjyuku station in south exit. It has the biggest capacity and performances every day. You can see shows of Japanese comedians which we call them 'Geininn'. Note: their performance is only Japanese.

10 minutes on foot

Tokyo Big Sight

It is one of the largest convention centers. International events, exhibitions, shows and concerts by the domestic and foreign music artists. They have international events and exhibitions such as comic market, toy exhibition, and market EXPO.

30 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Kokusaitenjijyo station

Tokyo International Forum

There are 7 big and small halls, 34 conferencerooms and exhibition halls which are international convention and art center. About 20,000,000 people are coming a year.Here are also concert halls, many musician have concerts, and SELENA GOMEZ will do on August, 2016

15 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Tokyo station

Kabuki theater

It has been performing over 100years with a large number of great Kabuki actors. It was renoveted on 2013 and is a Registration tangible cultural property. You can get the English guide services. Here is near Ginza and Tsukiji where is fish market.

15 minutes by train
*Nearest station:Ginza station


It is opened one of the biggest theater at Shinjuku on 17th of April in 2005. If you look up, you will see Godzilla monument.

6 minutes on foot

Shinjuku Piccadilly

The Cinema was built in 2008. There are platinum seats and room. You will have private time in there.

7 minutes on foot