Stay in Kyoto at Granbell Hotel Kyoto hanareya

Welcome to
Annex hanareya

GRANBELL HOTEL KYOTO Annex hanareya is located 5 minutes walking from kiyomizu Gojo Station.

GRANBELL HOTEL KYOTO Annex hanareya is located in a quiet neighborhood
away from the main street of Kiyomizu Gojo,
Our spacious guest rooms are ideal for friends or family even for long stays.
It is the perfect place to enjoy your stay in Kyoto as if you were at home.

Granbell Hotel Akasaka




Annex hanareya

646-5 Azuchi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 600-8040, JAPAN
Check-in Later than 4:00 p.m.
Check-out Till 11:00 a.m.
Number of
guest rooms
13 rooms
Credit card



All of our spacious guest rooms are from 31 square meters.
the spacious rooms have simply designed infused with a Japanese atmosphere.
The rooms are equipped with an independent washbasin, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free stay even on extended stays.

  • 【Up to 2 Guests】

    【Up to 2 Guests】Twin [Non-smoking] shadow

  • 【Up to 3 Guests】
    Twin Room

    【Up to 3 Guests】Twin Room [Non-smoking] shadow

  • 【Up to 4 Guests】
    Twin Room

    【Up to 4 Guests】Twin Room [Non-smoking] shadow

  • 【Up to 4 Guests】
    Deluxe Twin Room with Terrace

    【Up to 4 Guests】Deluxe Twin Room with Terrace [Non-smoking] shadow

Common equipment
TV / Wi-Fi / Refrigerator / Electric kettle / Telephone / Toilet with wash let funtion / Safety box / Hair dryer
Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Face & Hand soap / Face towel / Bath towel / Nightwear / Slippers / Toothbrush / Hairbrush / Body sponge / Cotton pad / Razor / Shaving cream / Drip coffee / Tea bag
Free Offer*1F Front Counter.
Cleansing oil / Facial wash / Facial lotion / Milky lotion / Beauty Oils / UV-infused hair oil / face pack


  • Art Lounge


    Smoking Room

    Hours 24hours.
  • Vendor Machine


    Vendor Machine

    Hours 24hours.


We'll do our best to assist you whatever your request may be.

  • Your Stay
  • Reservations
  • Payment
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Your Stay

Can I check in early?
Generally, we do not offer early check in.
However, it may be possible depending on our availabilities. Please contact the hotel for more details.
Can I Check In after midnight?
Yes, it is possible for check in after midnight.
However, the main gate will be locked between24 to 6am. Please let us know through the intercom when you arrive.
Can I do late check out?
With an additional fee, late check out is possible (untill 2pm) . The price depends on your room type and our availabilities.
*Please be advised that you will be charged an additional night fee if you check-out after 2pm. To extend your check-out time, please contact the front desk in advance.
Does the hotel have curfew?
The hotel does not have curfew. Front desk is open for 24 hours.
However, the main gate will be locked between24 to 6am. Please open the gate with your key.
Do you have connecting rooms?
We do not have connecting rooms.
However, depending on the room type and our availabilities, it is possible to arrange rooms close to each other. Please contact us in advance.
Do you allow smoking on property? In the rooms?
All of our rooms are non-smoking rooms.
If you smoke inside the hotel, you might get charged for the damage expenses, the fire alarms might get triggered too. There is a smoking area on the ground floor.
Do you provide a baby crib (bed)?
We do not provide baby cribs.
Can I keep the same room for a few days?
Please inform us in advance, and we will make special arrangements. It may not be available depending on availabilities.
Can minors stay in the room without adults present?
Yes, minors may stay in the room without adults present.
However, you will be required to submit a parent consent form. Please contact the hotel for instructions on how to do so.


How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
We have no rules about advance reservations. However, we recommend making reservations in advance as we offer Advance Purchase Rate.
Does the hotel have a waiting list?
We do not offer waiting lists.
Please contact us directly by phone or email to get the latest updates on room availabilities. Or simply check on our offical website to get the latest info.
Is there a cancellation fee?
You will be charged 20% of the accommodation fee if you cancel the day before, 80% on the day, and 100% in case of no show.
How do I cancel a reservation?
Please click here for confirm, change or cancel your reservation.


Will children be charged?
Children under 6-year-old will not be charged. Children above 6-year-old will be charged with an additional fee.
Does my reservation price include consumption tax and service charges?
Yes, consumption tax and services charges are included in your total reservation price.
When will payment be completed?
We require full payment upon check-in time.
If you are paying for someone else, then you will also need to pay the full amount in advance. Please contact the hotel for further informations.
What credit cards do you accept?
If you are not sure if your card is usable or not, please contact the hotel.


Is there the Money Exchange?
There is no money exchange service in GRANBELL HOTEL KYOTO Annex hanareya. Money exchange is possible at the nearby bank.
Does the hotel offer wheelchair-accessible rooms?
We do not have wheelchair-accessible room in GRANBELL HOTEL KYOTO Annex hanareya.
However, we have a Universal Twin Room in GRANBELL HOTEL KYOTO, which is completely wheelchair accessible. Please feel free to check on our offical website for the avalibilities and more details.
Does the hotel have luggage storage service?
Yes, it is possible to leave your luggage at the front desk before the check-in time and after check out.
Can I send packages to myself at the hotel?
Yes, we can receive packages for you.
However, we do not accept packages which require payment on delivery. Please make sure all packages you send to the hotel are pre-paid.
Please write down your reservation name, check-in date, booking number on the shipping label.
*Please be advised that we do not handle refrigerated, frozen, or hazardous products.
Can I send packages to other locations in Japan from the hotel?
For the moment, we are still working on this service.
However, the closet convenience store, 7-Eleven, can assist you with the delivery service.
Can I send packages overseas from the hotel?
We do not assist with international shipment. The nearest post office from our hotel is Kyoto Teramachi-Matsubara Post Office ( .
It is open from 9am to 5pm. (close on the weekend and national holidays)
Is there breakfast at the hotel?
We do not offer breakfast in GRANBELL HOTEL KYOTO Annex hanareya. It is possible to have breakfast for 600 yen per person in GRANBELL HOTEL KYOTO. Please feel free to ask the front desk service for more details.
What are the parking options at the Hotel?
We do not have parking space at the property.
Please check on our offical website for parking information close by.
Are English TV channels available to watch in the room?
There is no English channel on our TV.
Is there a “Lost and Found” at GRANBELL HOTEL KYOTO Annex hanareya?
We will dispose of the lost items after keeping its for 1 month.
Valuables (cash, securities and precious metals) will be handled according to the law and regulations. Please note that food and beverage will be disposed on the day.


There are “GRANBELL HOTEL KYOTO hanareya” and “GRANBELL HOTEL KYOTO” in Kyoto.
Please check the hotel details you reserved when you come.

When coming by taxi from Kyoto Station,
please tell the driver the destination is
"Gokomachi Gojo".