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Official Site Privilege

Best Price Guarantee for members

On our website, we guarantee to offer you the best price.
Other websites are not offering better price than our website.

  • ■Best Price Guarantee Conditions

    ・Compared with other internet booking site in Japan.
    ・Compared with in same conditions. (hotel, date, stay period, person(s), room type,payment  method,
     cancel method)
    ・Compared with the same plan (service, special offer, sales conditions)
    ・The price might be “same” as the other website

  • ■Best Price NOT Guaranteed
    In the cases below, the best price is NOT guaranteed.

    ・The price which is not announced to the public (e.g.: corporate rate)
    ・The price is only for the specific membership.
    ・Tour package with other accommodations transportations, meals etc.
    ・The price which you could NOT make reservations from website (e.g.: only by phone made
    ・The price which paid in advance such as coupon, voucher, online payment, etc
    ・The price is set by travel agency, and not related by our hotel.
    ・In the case you need to provide your credit card information when you make your
    ・The price on auction website.
    ・Varies price by exchange rate.